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It’s a form of technology that deals with the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules of less than 100 Nanometres (nm). In simpler terms, it is the study of extremely small particles – so small that only the most powerful microscopes in the world can see them.

To give you an idea: One Nanometre (nm) is one-billionth of a meter.

Nanotechnology can be utilised and applied within all spheres of science, such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc., and yields many benefits that impact upon our daily lives.

Nanotechnology is responsible for advances in cosmetics, healthcare, sporting equipment, textiles, motor vehicle design, and so much more.


The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Silver have been used in the world of healthcare for more than a century.

Essentially, Nano Silver is used to deter the growth of bacteria and fungus when it comes into contact with it. This prevents the bacteria and/or fungus from developing into an infection.

Nano Silver is, therefore, currently being utilised within healthcare products such as bandages and feminine hygiene products.

Nano Silver technology is also being used in coating the surface of electronics, carbons or carbon blocks, textiles, metals, woods, ceramics, glass, papers, and much more.

The core benefit of Nano Silver technology, is the ability to produce particles as small as possible, and to distribute these particles in a uniform manner.

Nano Silver is:

  • Highly effective

  • Fast acting

  • Non-poisonous

  • Non-stimulating

  • Non-allergic

  • Tolerance free

  • Hydrophilic

Nano Silver will also not expire. Even when exposed to light, heat and radiation, its healing properties will not be affected.


H2Go technology makes use of Nano Carb Filter Cartridges, where water us filtered down to a microscopic size of 15 Nanometres. This essentially stops waterborne bacteria and viruses from passing through the filter, as the smallest virus of all is 20 Nanometres in size. Through this filtration process, one is left with clean and sterile drinking water.

  • 5 Million People use H2Go Technology daily
  • Still, over 1 Billion in the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water
  • H2Go provides advanced water technology which is shaping a better future for millions of people
  • H2Go Technology is cutting edge, and is PROVEN not PROMISED
  • Drinking water is a basic human right – we are committed to eradicating water poverty, globally
  • Ending WATER POVERTY is an achievable goal

H2Go products provide a simple, yet effective, solution which can be employed in even the most remote of areas, as the products are designed to run without electricity. This is, therefore, especially beneficial in communities where the infrastructure for running water is either not available or simply not feasible.

Our H2Go systems provide an immediate supply of water, providing clean water in mere seconds to those who need it most and thus creating a positive impact on their lives.

This means:

  • Higher water consumption per capita
  • More expendable time of the recipients
  • Zero waterborne illnesses
  • Higher school attendance rates for children
  • Overall long-term health benefits

Common waterborne diseases include:

  • Cholera (Bacteria)
  • Dysentery – Shigella (Bacteria)
  • Dysentery – Campylobacter (Bacteria)
  • Typhoid – Salmonella (Bacteria)
  • Botulism – Clostridium (Bacteria)
  • Hepatitis-A (Virus)
  • Polio (Virus)